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The entire point of Search Engine Optimization is growth. When a business optimizes its web presence, it’s to get more traffic, which in turn brings more customers. When Oshawa businesses talk about growth in 2022, they are likely talking about e-commerce. Even if you own a small business that relies on a brick-and-mortar location and foot traffic, elements of e-commerce still can mean something to you. How successful your business is will be tied to your web presence even if your business engages in little to no e-commerce.

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Therefore, SEO is an indispensable tool in any business’s online marketing toolbox. It doesn’t matter if your business does e-commerce, you still need a web presence. An experienced SEO agency, like Dabaran, knows the correlation between an optimized web presence and business growth. While SEO works for companies of any size, it has particularly impressive effects on small businesses.

A place like Oshawa relies heavily on its small business community. The growth promoted by SEO grows these businesses and therefore, grows the community. Localized SEO is an aspect of website optimization that benefits small businesses the most and it is something that Dabaran prides itself on. The concept of localized SEO is simple. We will optimize your website to get the best local search returns for your company. If you run an auto repair shop, having your business come up when someone searches “best auto mechanic in Oshawa,” is crucial to getting people to your business.


Any business can benefit from one of Dabaran’s SEO audits. There are billions of websites out there and most people can’t tell the differences between the good ones and the bad ones. Dabaran isn’t here to tell you which one your company’s site falls under. We are here to optimize your site so that a search engine will see it and rank it. Even a poorly designed website can perform well in web searches if its functionality and content are optimized.

On-site optimization is only the beginning of our full-service SEO program. A fully functioning site, with the right keywords and meta tags, is very attractive to search engines. The next step after on-site optimization is to build links to other important, high-traffic websites. Your company’s online growth in SEO is tied to the content on these sites. Dabaran offers great white-hat SEO for building these organic links. Link building is crucial to drawing the attention of search engines, so we include that as one of our first points of order.

Two more significant aspects of SEO are flexibility and transparency. Good SEO companies are sensitive to their clients’ needs. We are flexible enough to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Dabaran can also build flexible programs for any client. It is also important for our clients to be flexible. Allowing a SEO plan to take shape is an exercise in patience and trust. A reciprocal relationship between agency and client is key.

Transparency is another vital part of a comprehensive SEO plan. Small businesses in Oshawa want to keep things on the up and up. They want to be able to trust the people that they are in business with. Dabaran sees our SEO partnerships the same way. We show our work, all the time. When you work with us, you get access to a bespoke SEO dashboard. Your dashboard will show you all the stats associated with your SEO plan in real time. You will see where your business currently ranks as well as how far your business has come in your community’s search engine rankings.

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