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When it comes to marketing, businesses have to stay on top of the latest trends. They must understand what Google is looking for when it ranks pages. The search engine works on an algorithm that is controlled by AI.

Any forward-thinking SEO company will know how to navigate AI to elevate content and help businesses stand out from the competition. This article will explain how the AI algorithm works and what it looks for in content pages.

How Google Uses AI to Update Its Algorithm

Google trains its algorithm with AI to update its metrics. It manually reviews its search engine results and compares it to live internet data.

When it detects enough of a discrepancy between the data and the results, a change in the algorithm occurs. Google’s team then determines if the algorithm has adjusted correctly. The team also determines what SEO-optimized pages should look like so the algorithm can push those pages to the top of the search engine. As part of our SEO services, Dabaran continually tests the algorithm to see what content is effective and what is low-impact. As these things change regularly, it can be a nuanced process.

There are also other factors that affect how content is ranked due to discrepancies between automatic and manual processes. For example, backlinks are a factor that is considered in automatic ranking, although it’s not mentioned in manually created guidelines.

Main Content is a Crucial Factor

When you hire an SEO company, their first priority will be getting your content Google ready. They should understand that Google will look at a page's main content first. So, if the page features a video, the video will be the main content. If Google is looking at a game site, the game will be the main content.

The search engine will judge the main content to determine its search engine ranking. The other content on the page will be secondary.

Understanding EATE

So, what factors does Google use to judge content? It splits its rating into four sections that can be remembered by the acronym EATE:

  • E: Expertise
  • A: Authority
  • T: Trust
  • E: Experience

Let’s break down how each category determines how Google ranks content.


Google will judge expertise based on the organization's or author’s credentials. An organization that has won awards and has been recognized as a leader in its industry will rank high in search engines.

The search engine will also increase the rankings of websites that use authors who are authorities on the content matter.  For example, if a doctor writes an article on a medical condition, the content will rank highly. Websites can also improve their internet presence by using authors with degrees in a field relevant to the content.


Authority refers to a site’s external sources. For instance, a site that has good ratings on reputable sites like Yelp or the Better Business Bureau are likely to have more prominent search rankings.

However, Google may also bury sites that have fake reviews or content on irrelevant pages. So, if an automotive company has a positive review on a site that normally covers food and beverages, it could do more harm than good.

Google will also rank authority based on the site’s authors. It prioritizes sites with authors who have appeared on other reputable sites and have citations under their belts.

The search engine also scans the quality of their writing. It looks for content that is factually accurate and supported by expert consensus.


Google will improve rankings for sites that are trustworthy. A trustworthy site will offer features like About Us pages and up-to-date contact information.

If the website handles financial transactions, it should have links to customer service pages. The pages that handle the transactions should be secure.

It will also reward high rankings to sites with authors with citations, appearances on other reputable websites, and well-written content.


Expertise is similar to experience, but it varies slightly. In this category, Google will look for demonstrations of the organization’s expertise in their field. The search engine wants companies to share their experience.

Organizations can show expertise by:

  • Sharing valuable tips and tricks  
  • Posting tutorials
  • Reviewing products and services in their industry
  • Engaging in forum discussions concerning a relevant topic

Dabaran’s SEO Chicago Services Will Help You Navigate Today’s AI Marketing Landscape

Google’s algorithm changes often. An organization focusing on growth may find it difficult to keep up. If you are ready to improve your SEO, Chicago-based company Dabaran can help. Our expertise, diligence, and adaptability can help move your business towards the top of search engine rankings.

Dabaran provides a wide range of on-page and off-page SEO services. This includes landing page optimization, link building, and content creation. We provide ongoing reporting so you can see how our efforts are paying off.

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